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Rejuvenation at Home

Laurel Skin Products Available  In Store

A home routine is so important for ongoing health. Know you are providing your body with potent, clean skincare. Without question.

CA Body Oil_Styled.jpg

California Body Oil
Bare Heart

$30 add on service

Made for all skin types! Laurel's California Body Oil is a body serum and moisturizer packed with nutrients and antioxidants to promote radiant skin health. It contains raw, rich plant oils to regenerate the skin, and aromatic essential oils with a special affinity for lymph and circulatory movement. Those attributes mean that this oil helps move waste away from living cells to make room for more vital nourishment. The California Body Oil includes a house made Gem Essence with Rose Quartz and Herkimer Diamond which was created to promote self acceptance and self love. The ingredients in the oil capture the essence of California in every way, focused on seed and raw nut oils grown and pressed in California, along with aromatic essential oils that embody the scents of the dense forests and ocean bluffs, along with vast fruit and floral farmlands.

Sun Body Oil
Phyto Defense + Repair

$30 add on service

Made for all skin types! Laurel's Sun Body Oil is a body serum and moisturizer packed with nutrients and antioxidants to be used before and after sun exposure. Every single ingredient chosen for this blend has been clinically studied or used historically for its ability to assist in preventing UV induced oxidative damage or their ability to repair damage after too much sun exposure. This light weight oil is a wealth of carotenoids, resveratrol, polyphenols, and essential fatty acids working in harmony and intelligently with your own skin to strengthen it's own ability to respond in a healthy way to the sun's rays. It contains a blend of aromatic tropical and floral essential oils in combination with fruity raw lipid rich oils that come together to create a scent that nods to summer's abundance. Our Sun Body Oil also includes a house made Gem Essence of Aquamarine, Turquoise, and Citrine to inspire joy, movement, and freedom of expression.

Sun Body Oil_Styled.jpg

Honor the natural beauty within others.
We support Unstoppable Joy Co.
10% of all Laurel Skin product sales are donated to this amazing organization.
Thank you for your contribution.

Cleanser Group_Styled.jpg


Starting at $60

The natural lipid barrier and beneficial skin flora we have are key to healthy skin. They help protect us from the elements, inflammation, and transepidermal water loss. All of Laurel Skin's cleansers support the natural lipid barrier and microbiome to keep skin vibrant at any age.

Effortless Cleanser:  Radiant Glow
Support Cleanser:  Cool Relief
Oil Cleanser:  Deep Clarity
Essential Lipids:  Delicate Barrier

Elixirs & Hydrosols

Starting at $38

A mix of a facial mist and hydrating serum, but so much more necessary. Laurel Skin's Elixirs are THE form of hydration for skin. Made with a base of master distilled hydrosols they provide water soluble nutrients for skin that both over produces and under produces sebum. 

Hydrating Elixir I:  Phytonutrient Replenish

Hydrating Elixir II:  Support + Recover

Single Farm Hydrosol:  Calendula

Elixir Group_Styled.jpg
Serum Group_Styled.jpg


Starting at $78

Laurel Skin's Serums are what they are most known for because they are second to none in the facial oil industry. The herbal blends are macerated for an extended period of time and are then hand pressed and microdosed with medicinal essential oils specific for the desired treatment.

Antioxidant Serum:  Vibrancy Renewal

Unburden Serum:  Deep Tranquility

Sun Serum:  Phyto Defense + Repair

Balance Serum:  Clarifying Relief

Essential Lipids: Delicate Barrier

Eye Serum:  Vital Nectar

Treatment Masks

Starting at $58

This nourishing treatment mask acts as a gentle brightening enzymatic exfoliator, a hydrator that visibly plumps and firms the skin, and an antioxidant-rich feast for an overall healthy glow. Suitable for all skin types with the exception of extremely sensitive/reactive skin.

Honey Berry Mask:  Enzymatic Glow

Honey Berry Mask_Styled (1).jpg
Night Balm_Styled (1).jpg


Starting at $76

Laurel Skin's Balms are an alternative to creams, which are close to 80% water and many questionable ingredients. The Balms help to seal in hydration, prevent transepidermal water loss, and support our skin's barrier. Due to the absence of unnecessary ingredients, a little dab of Balm goes a long way. Only about 1/4 of a pea size is needed for the entire face, neck, and chest.

Day Balm:  Billiant Cellular Defense

Night Balm:  Infinite Cellular Repair

Recovery Balm:  Soothe + Mend

Eye Balm:  Delicate Concentrate

Finishing Touches

Starting at $28

Nutrient dense and effective, these products are a must have for a full plant-based skincare ritual. The Lip Treatment is light and meant to absorb and repair. The Blemish Treatment removes the burden of inflammation, allows for healthy flora and microbial balance, helps jump start the healing process and prevent scarring, and also reduces stress due to the aromatics used. 

Lip Treatment:  Citrus Spice

Blemish Treatment:  Deep Relief

Blemish Treatment_Styled (1).jpg
Sun Body Oil_Styled.jpg


Starting at $90

Body serum and moisturizer packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Learn more about each individual oil at the top of the page.

California Body Oil:  Bare Heart

Sun Body Oil:  Phyto Defense + Repair


Starting at $88

Our Travel Sets are the best way for someone new to experience the Laurel Skin line and include everything you need to create a skincare ritual while on the road.

The Laurel Full Sets are curated slow beauty rituals that provide everything necessary to create dramatic shifts in our skin health. Each set includes an artisan mask brush and bowl, two deluxe samples, and four full size products that have been selected by Laurel to address specific symptoms and promote vibrant skin at any age.

Revive + Replenish Travel Set

Balance + Support Travel Set

Repair + Brighten Full Skin Set
Balance + Detox Full Skin Set

Revive + Replenish Full Skin Set

Unburden + Support Full Skin Set


Ready to embrace your natural beauty?

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