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Relaxing Facial

Rejuvenating Services

For Happiness, Health, & Well-being.

Tailored for a unique experience.

Services: Treatments
Relaxing Massage

Massage & Bodywork

30 min - 120 min

We offer traditional table massage such as Swedish and Deep Tissue, as well as Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo, and Thai Herbal Compresses. We offer deeper modalities such as Ashiatsu, and Thai Massage. And, we offer specialty modalities including Cupping, Maternity Massage, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).


Organic Whole Plant Skincare & Facials

30 min - 90 min

We are honored to partner with Laurel Skin to offer unparalleled skincare rituals. Laurel uses only 100% organic, raw, unrefined plant materials to guarantee unparalleled freshness and efficacy. Laurel Skin believes beauty should be a loving self care practice that begins and ends with mindfulness.

Face Care
Deep Tissue

Hair Removal

Time Varies

We offer waxing for the entire body using soft and hard waxes for the best results and smooth skin.



30 min - 60 min

Rei, meaning "God's Wisdom or The Higher Power", and Ki, meaning "Life Force Energy". Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique which focuses on balancing the body, mind, and soul through energy work.

Reiki Treatment

Want to experience these treatments for yourself? Get in touch with us to book yours today.

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